How we came to be

"We strive to provide clean air for people around around the world by manufacturing premium quality air filtration products and planting trees to improve our earth."


Founded by a team with over 10 years experience and super passionate about air quality.

Looking at the industry as whole we grew frustrated with the high prices air purifier brands we're charging for replacement filters. We took our 10 years of air quality and manufacturing experience to develop custom high grade HEPA filters compatible with virtually any brand at wholesale prices.

We set out to engineer world class air quality products that would protect our own families but also make a significant impact on our environment. Medic Filter is the only air filter company that donates a percentage of its revenue to tree planting initiatives on our customer's behalf.  

Through this initiative the Buy 1, Plant 1 initiative was born and our goal is to plant over 50,000 trees in rural poverty stricken communities.

Furthermore, MedicFilter became one of the members of the LBS Group! LBS Group was established in Hong Kong in 1998, introducing professional restroom hygiene management concepts and technology to enhance the customer’s hygiene standard. As of today, the Group’s business has been expanded to more than 20 cities across the Cross‐strait four regions and Southeast Asia. Listening, observing and analyzing our customers’ needs, introducing the “Total Hygiene Solution” with innovative and diversified products and services to satisfy our different customers’ needs. LBS Group website: